Pandora’s Music Box
The Music Genome Project and the Web allow you to find and enjoy music as never before.

Brewing Your Own Beer, Resort Style
The master brewer looks at us with arched eyebrows. “So,” he says. “What kind of beer do you want to brew today?”

The Whole 12 MeterSt. Maarten Sailings: Living a Sailing Dream
In the azure waters off St. Maarten, Tim got a chance to crew on a classic America’s Cup 12-meter yacht in a “soft adventure” that’s thrilling for sailor and landlubber alike.

The New PE
While many schools are slashing physical education classes, despite evidence that exercise helps students in school and in life, but some schools are bucking the trend with new lifestyle-oriented phys ed classes.

E-Parenting: The next best thing to being there
A growing wave of cyber-savvy work travelers, from salesmen to soldiers, are embracing new technology not only to make themselves more professionally productive, but to keep in closer touch with their families back home.

David Thompson, explorer extraordinaire
David Thompson was a little-known explorer, mapmaker and fur trader who opened up the Northwest 200 years ago (historians say he made Lewis & Clark look “like tourists”). He gave us much of what we know about Native Americans before white men came, and he was half of one of the great love stories of all time.

Chore volunteers
Chore is a remarkable volunteer program: amateur handymen do household jobs for the poor and the disabled. Average age of the volunteer handymen: 73.

Online Ethics
Kids are illegally downloading music, committing plagiarism by illegally cutting and pasting from Web sites, assuming fake identities in chat rooms, libeling other people on blog, and more. Parents are doing a lot to keep their kids safe online, but they also must educate their kids (and themselves) to the ethics, morality and legality of online behavior.

Soccer Crazy?
Debra Macklin gets up early on a damp spring Saturday and checks her e-mail. More rain is forecast. Will her children’s soccer games be rained out? A message is indeed awaiting her: Coaches have been driving around checking fields; the day’s games are on unless there’s another downpour. The message came in at 3:01 a.m.

A View from the Bench
All athletes eventually confront the compromise of age. Some cope, some quit. Tim has written about the travails of the aging would-be jock a number of times; here’s his latest, from America West magazine.

He Played in Peoria
For many of us, leaving home — and going back again to visit — means more than traveling a physical distance.

Letting Go
When people asked Tim about his daughter Lizzie going off to college, his answer was always the same: “I’m dreading it…”

The Scent of Mother
Her birth mother, it seems, was there all the time. Tim tells the bittersweet story of a woman who was adopted shortly after birth, and then spent decades looking for her birth mother — and her own identity.

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Every Christmas season, magazines and websites reprint Tim’s original stories on Operation Santa. The story tells how tens of thousands of people go to the Post Office, pick out letters to Santa from poor kids, and then buy them gifts. Here’s a website started by a reader to showcase Tim’s stories and spread the word about this terrific holiday program: 

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