Magazine Stories

Tim has done many articles for publications around the world. Here are just a few…

“Why Robo-Calls Are Worse Than You Thought,” Consumer Reports

“Shoot to Kill,” for The Atlantic broke the news about police across the country revamping their approach to hostage situations after Combine.

Also from The Atlantic, one of ex-sportswriter Tim’s favorite all-time stories: a surprising take on “The Best Pickup Basketball Player in America”\

“Spotting Signs of Caregiver Financial Abuse,” Super Lawyers

“A Quick Refresher on Basic Phone Etiquette,” Forge

“Cool Beans,” a look at the Mast Brothers and their artisanal chocolate company, a beacon of hipster Brooklyn

“Your Will Needs to Include Your Online Property,” Super Lawyers

“The Legal Complexities of Adoption” Super Lawyers

More vintage reporting: 

From the Family Education Network website…
Why Kids Love ‘Goosebumps’: An Interview with Fright-Meister R.L. Stine

For the ABA Journal before the fall of the wall, a rare look into the Soviet court system

From The Washington Post, a travel story…
Antique Maps in London

For Delta Air Lines, a history of crop dusting

Finally, an old favorite on David Thompson, the most important North American explorer and frontiersman you never heard of…