Lawyer Profiles

Tim has written a lot on law and lawyers over the years, and has won a number of legal writing awards, including the American Bar Association’s Silver Gavel. Here are a few of the dozens of profiles he has done on boldfaced-name attorneys for the Reuters publication Super Lawyers…

Barry Berke, leading lawyer prosecuting Trump impeachments

Kenneth Feinberg, led “What Is A Life Worth?” compensation for 9/11, other disasters

David Boies, known for his many legal victories — except for Bush v. Gore 

Floyd Abrams, a.k.a Mister First Amendment 

Ted Wells, the go-to guy for white collar criminal defense

Kathleen Sullivan, from academic to ace appeals attorney to name partner

Marty Lipton, consummate boardroom lawyer, inventor of the poison pill

Gary Naftalis, legendary litigation lion of the NY bar

Betsy Plevan, dean of the employment bar

Robert Barnett, ultimate Washington dealmaker, including book deals

Rodge Cohen, banking expert whose legal maneuvers blunted The Great Recession

Susan Brune, representing a new generation of trial lawyers

Rachel Robbins, World Bank’s international finance warrior 

Rich Cotton, NBC Universal’s piracy protector 

Marcia Goldstein, go-to attorney for restructuring

Mark Jackson, whose second client (after Dow Jones) is always the 1st Amendment

Julie Jacobs, groundbreaker in new media and internet law

And here are more of Tim’s lawyer profiles…