Tim’s journalism has covered many major events and issues and trends in recent years, and he has written n often on politics, social issues, economics, personal finance, education, family issues and more. He is a non-practicing lawyer, and has written a great deal on law and lawyers, including many profiles for the Reuters publication Super Lawyers. 

Tim’s latest book, published in 2024 by Penguin Random House, is The US Constitution Simplified.

From finding ideas to reporting to structure to polishing, Tim is known for his professionalism – for being good, fast, and easy to work with. He has never missed a deadline.

Tim offers a wide range of editorial and publishing services, starting with explaining the convoluted world and confusing path toward getting a book in print. In his popular one-hour, one-on-one introductory consultation, he’ll listen to what you want and need, and present a menu of options for getting it done effectively and cost efficiently: perhaps as a developmental editor in helping you envision your focus, structure and storytelling; maybe in serving as your ghost writer or collaborator working with your materials so far; possibly as a book doctor giving a manuscript one final polish.

His menu of options will include timelines and costs for working with him, or he can connect you with writers and editors who better fit within your time frame, budget or other needs.

Get in touch if you want to know more about how he can help make that book inside you become a reality you hold in your hands, pass out to family and friends, or see on book shelves or in online listings.